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 Ch.Mongkholsub CL Co.,Ltd 

We are a company that provides transportation services.  We have standard trucks in all sizes that can covering all aspects of transport services.


If you do not know what kind of  truck you want to use, we are  happy to advice, and can supply the trucks that meet the needs of your requirement, which we have experience in transportation for over 19 years.  So we can be assured that we are a transportation company that will meet the needs of the customers in all its forms, and ready to service with honesty, safety, and punctually at all time, with standards quality that has been accepted for transportation. Because we are the  professional in providing the transportation services.


With our long experience, currently we provide services for getting products to the right place at the right time, and as efficiently as possible with all kinds of goods , whether to send within the country or abroad.


Our so focus on optimal throughput. We combine systems, processes, techniques, people, strategy and buildings into a single working unit that seamlessly integrates into the client's wishes.


.........We Offer More than Transportation.......


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